FGF Capital is private and wholly owned by its partners. We have no short-term commercial considerations that could put as at odds with what’s best for our clients. We have no outside shareholders to distract us or to demand focus on immediate quarter performance. We tend to focus on longer time frames when it comes to making optimal investment decisions.
We can simply do what’s right for you, our clients, and that’s what has sustained our business for almost 40 years (yes, unlike most, we have seen the crash of 1987). We keep number of partners on the Investment Committee small — less than double-digit that quickly becomes an unwieldy amount but more than few so that 1 partner’s holiday absence or another’s sickness don’t expose us to risk of floating without sense of direction.

We tend to make major investment decisions collectively but don’t confuse it with absolute consensus. We embrace tension which comes with strength of conviction. If an portfolio manager is willing to lay his head on the line for certain asset allocation, we will likely sayYes. We also have CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and our Risk&Compliance department to keep a watchful eye on everything.

Your money is safe with us. We start with Return OF Capital mentality. Return ON Capital comes second.